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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Path To Success In Your Career

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Its been a long Wait To arrange such a thing Into my University. It was some awesome moments Into our university with some cool people. It was not an easy walk for us(Me & My friends). We have had the limitations of finance, manpower and many more things to make it successful But one thing we had that is believe . And Finally We made that by all of our efforts, all of our heart. And On the stage of Jahir Rayhan Auditorium, Jahangirnagar University saw the face of dreamers hungry for the Motivation from some awesome speakers. People and student's from different aspects made it more busier. And This will be a great day to me with some coolest and best people around me.
1. Zaved Parvez
Vice president,
Integrated Planning, Finance,
Robi Axiata Limited.
2. Jhankar Mahbub
Senior Web Developer,
The Nielson Company.
Stand-up Comedian.
3. Jabed Sultan Pias
Assistant Brand Manager,
Prothom Alo.
Community Manager,
GDG Bangla (Google Developers Group Bangla)
4. Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasive
Bangla Wikipedia
Assistant General Secretary,
Bangladesh Open Source Network.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Learn Mathematics to see the dream

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The journey was not much easy and the BdMO had to worked a lot to take it into the stage. At the era of 2016 everything have had changed a lot Change In participation, change In assessment and every aspects. After starting the journey at 2003 the participant and quality is increasing rapidly. The first math Olympiad held at Sahajalal University Of Science And Technology on 31 January and 1 February 2003. It's been a long time a long walk. Within this walk Bangladesh got many More Silver, Bronze and Honorable mention in International mathematical Olympiad.
It generates with several aspects first of all the regional final by sectioning the whole nation In several parts. Then the best guys from that competition are picked up and after of that the national final ends up. After sorting them usually a math camp arranges by the math Olympiad committee. And from there the best SIX goes to the world Final.
And when you are one of the member of the backed team how does you feel.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

It's Preety Tough To Judge You Guys

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Again Back with the I-GEN The Internet Genius. But The Region was Dhaka Divisional took place at Proshika Human Resource Development Center, Manikganj. What is I-GEN I already described to my previous Blog. But during the Judging Time of Dhaka Divisional I  got really so excited during the School Website Presentation time of Those guys. It was really amazing facing those guys. Hope they all will en light the Nation tomorrow. During the Interactive Session It was Really a Lot of fun.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Experiencing I-GEN!! Some Hungry Internet Genius

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I-GEN The Internet Genius.The type of guys are called Internet Genius who are Really to much hungry to know and more hungry to explore on Internet & Technology. Grameenphone & Prothom-Alo jointly have had taken the initiative to hunt Those genius guys from all over the nation and make them more experienced in Programming, Web-Developing, Leadership Skills and many more. My experience was as an Instructor at Mymensingh, Rajshahi & Brishal. I saw the big Dream on their eyes to change the nation, To change the whole world. When I asked them about their dream, their Passion, aim in life of them I got astonished about their answer.

As an Example Someone wants to built another Microsoft for free, Someone wants to Hack GOOGLE, Some be a good person in life, a good Software or CS Related Engineer, Hacker and many more.

Those guys Really astonished by developing their school website (as task) over night with big collaborations with some small Ideas we had given.
Really They are the internet genius and the future leader and lighter of the nation.

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